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The Project

This was an exciting project for us.

Many of us here at the office have used iFix to repair our beloved Apple products. Their service is slick, modern and tech-savvy, and that concept allowed us a wonderful opportunity to create an exciting website that reflected that.

In terms of design – iFix needed the new website to move away from their previous Apple-centric look and feel to something a little cleaner less brand specific. This was largely due to the expansion of their business to now incorporate Samsung devices and the rebranding that went along with that.

Some of the features of the new iFix site include:
  • Fully integrates the blog into the site.
  • Has application-like feel and functionality.
  • Fully responsive – has to work on multiple devices and resolutions.
  • Ties in seamlessly with the iFix team’s product cataloguing system via API.
  • Uses geo-location to show the nearest branch and their contact details to the user.
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