Case Studies

The new Cape Stay accommodation website

The Cape Stay accommodation guide is a hugely popular and easy way to find accommodation in the Western Cape. But despite how awesome it is, lets just be kind and say its been looking a little dated. It’s always had awesome functionality, but we needed to compliment the user experience with a cleaner, wider and more beautiful...

Our Eco-Friendly Clients and their Beautiful Websites

At The Forge, we pride ourselves on creating well-designed, robust websites that are effective tools for our clients. We also firmly believe in the principles of environmental conservation and highlighting the benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle. For that reason, we’re proud to have developed these websites for three of our clients. Alternagy is an online...

Introducing The Forge Web Creations website redesign

Well here she is, our new site. It’s a mix of bold geometric shapes, typography, textures, and minimalism. Hopefully that all translates into an engaging user experience that tells a sort of visual story, as well as focus attention. Well, thats the pretentious rundown. Actually, our goal is just to produce an awesome website. We...
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