Worth the wait

The Cape Stay accommodation guide is a hugely popular and easy way to find accommodation in the Western Cape. But despite how awesome it is, lets just be kind and say its been looking a little dated. It’s always had awesome functionality, but we needed to compliment the user experience with a cleaner, wider and more beautiful frame.

Here is the old site


Designed to cater for a whopping 640×480 screen resolution, on modern displays the old Cape Stay site looked extremely cramped and hindered the easy scanning of information. The new design opens up the content with a much better width, more white space, beautiful fonts, and a more elegant colour palette.

Apart from these important changes, the new site has even more exciting developments planned. Starting off with making all new individual property pages in a wider display to best show off images and information. Here is an example of a new property page.

So without further ado, here is the new Cape Stay


Go take a look!