Sue Rutherford, our founder and CEO, took her first independent steps into the New Media arena back in 1999 as The Forge Web Creations joined the tribe of online pioneers that would reshape the world.

Those were the heady Wild West days where anything went and new digital ground was being broken every day. We pushed boundaries, made plenty of mistakes and ultimately revelled in an explosion of technical and creative innovation. Through all of this though, we strived to delight our Clients and deliver world class products as we did our part to help the internet grow from a few million sites to a few hundred million. At the same time we also developed our own internal projects and services; ones that we’ve nurtured and watched with pride as they’ve grown over the years.

At The Forge we want to remain small, personal and agile – we form close bonds with our Clients and develop long-lasting relationships with them and their businesses. As our company has grown over the years, this has become increasingly difficult and towards the end of 2013 we reached a crossroads in our evolution as a company. We had to decide if the path of continued expansion was in line with our vision, mission and goals or if we needed to re-evaluate our position and strategy.

We felt that it was time to hit the pause button and narrow our focus so that we can concentrate on revamping and expanding our existing internal services and products and finally give all our ideas the free range they deserve.

The Forge Web Creations will now make the shift to being an incubator for ideas and projects initiated internally. What this means is that we will no longer be taking on Client development work.

Current and past Clients need not be concerned because ex-team members will be taking over all support and future development of sites developed and presently supported by The Forge Web Creations. Each client will be contacted and informed of the changes and the right person to contact moving forward. These long serving members of The Forge will assist in the transition to ensure that you, our Clients, keep on enjoying the quality of service you have grown accustomed to.

In the near future, we will consider taking on a limited number of elite projects (design commissions only) that pique our interest so if you feel your project is something that would excite us please get in touch in 2015.