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Packed with goodness: This team is brimming with talent, passion and experience.

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Established in 1999, we like to think that our longevity reflects what we do.

Sue Rutherford

Sue Rutherford

Founder + Creative Director
Brendon Grobler

Brendon Grobler

Designer / Developer
Giancarlo Villarini

Giancarlo Villarini

Sarah Kandlin

Sarah Kandlin


She’s our fearless leader.

Sue has an acute business instinct, as well as natural skills in leadership and design.

She’s always instilled an ideal of unflinching work quality and customer service. She’s the defining reason for our reputation and longevity.

Sue is also something of a web pioneer in this country. Responsible for structuring and teaching South Africa’s very first web design training course,  we like to think that she invented the internet here.

From her diverse range of daily tasks – from mundane admin, to beautiful designs and business strategies, she is consistently able to bring top quality work and ideas.

Sue’s Kindle is like a third child to her. She is also a huge lover of felines.

Our creative all-rounder.

He’s a blindingly talented web-designer, CSS-guru and can even get his hands dirty with some funky PHP code when the mood takes him. Perfection, logic, and creativity are integral parts of all he does.

His interests extend far beyond  web design. He loves all creative pursuits, and enjoys a good discussion (on just about any topic).

Brendon has a degree in English and Media & Writing from UCT, and qualifications in multimedia and graphic design to add to his experience as a web designer.

An avid sports fan, film buff, and gym-bunny. Rumour has it that he can bench-press a Volkswagen. We’ve seen the guns, we have to think it’s probably true.

Affectionately called “The Italian”

Like all good Italians, Giancarlo likes to talk and cook. We at the office haven’t tasted his cooking yet, but he’s told us likes to try recipes from Jenny Morris, Jamie Oliver, or Guy Fieri. You lost us at Guy Fieri, Giancarlo.

With extensive experience in the construction industry, Giancarlo later found a better fit for his gregarious personality by moving to management in the hospitality industry, and now to marketing and customer relations at The Forge.

Giancarlo has a great love for horses, as well as physical activities like weightlifting and cycling. Shaolin Kempo martial arts is also a great passion – a style of Kung Fu used to teach mind and body control.

Notepad, bars and power tools.

Sarah started coding in Notepad way back in 1995. And while she obviously has vast experience and skill in that department, her other vocations over the years are also pretty interesting.

Some of these include: call centre assistant, bar owner, streaming internet radio station owner and building site manager.

Not surprisingly then, some of her interests include DIY and power tools.

She also has an open water PADI license, and has a habit of holding her breath when she concentrates. She fits in just great.

Dee Bratuchin

Dee Bratuchin

Project + Office Manager
Jolene OConner

Jolene OConner

Candice Beveridge

Candice Beveridge

Accounts + Admin
Molly Gqobo

Molly Gqobo

Office Assistant

Our very lovable general.

Extremely committed and dedicated, Dee likes things to be done correctly the first time. We attribute this to the years she spent in Germany travelling as a trapeze artist with the circus (we kid you not!).

With experience in a diverse range of roles, Dee is able to accomplish any challenge and task thrown her way. She has a direct and focused, yet caring, approach. Also, a keen eye for detail and quality control.

She always has time for a chat, and is fluent in many languages. An animal lover, and supporter of numerous causes. We are very grateful she’s on our side.

She has our credit card.

Jolene organizes things and ties loose ends together to make the day to day operations here go smoothly.

Allowing the team to focus on their tasks and know that the small stuff is being sweated out by a capable woman.

Jolene also helps Dee and Judy with admin and client work as well as overseeing some blog content management. Jolene also has an Honours in Psychology.

The money lady & admin whisperer.

Candice is the latest addition to the Forge, and something of an accounts and admin natural.

Garnering skills though her vast experience working for The City of Cape Town, and then later in immigration.

Candice joins The Forge gang of people allergic to photographs (now 2 members), and has an awesome habit of talking to herself as she works (whisperer).

Her work ethic, dry sense of humour and stable family-orientated personality make her a great fit.

The young gun

Molly is in the final year of her national diploma in Marketing at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She joins The Forge to get a taste of the digital marketing aspects of her studies. We are delighted to have her on board.

She tells us she loves music and singing. We tend to work wearing headphones in the office, so maybe we’ve been missing out on her angelic musings all this time.

Apart from music, Molly keeps fit playing netball, loves fashion and “easy” recipes because she likes to cook, but doesn’t like to spend too long in the kitchen. We feel you Molly.

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